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  • Inquiry for the machine--offer with technical proposal and layout--purchasing order--payment--production--delivery--installation.

  • A Cut-To-Length Line will uncoil the material, level it, and then cut it to the required length and stack it. The end product produced by a Cut-To-Length Line is a flat sheet of material cut to a very precise length tolerance. When considering a Cut-To-Length Line and the proper line configuration for your application, there are several basic variables you should consider:1. The thickness of the m...

  • Lead time is one of the most important problems which customers are concerned about .Usually we will offer customer a longer lead time than reality because we have to make sure we can prepare the equipment before deadline.

  • First of all,you have to know what products you want to press.This is the main point,because different power press is required for different kinds of products.Secondly,you have to clearly know what your requirements are for the new press you are looking for.For example,if you have rich experience in pressing by using your existing press machine and now you want to increase the productivity,here ar...

  • Metal stamping can be applied to a variety of materials based on their unique metalworking qualities for a number of applications across a wide range of industries, such as:AerospaceAgricultureAmmunitionsMajor appliancesSmall appliancesAutomotiveCommercialConstructionElectronicsHVACLawn Care & EquipmentLightingLock HardwareMarineMedicalPlumbingPower StoragePower ToolsSmall Engine

  • Press machines can be classified:By mechanism: Hydraulic, Mechanical, PneumaticBy Function: Forging, Stamping, Press Brakes, Punch etc.By Structure: Knuckle-joint Press, Screw PressBy Controllability: Conventional, Servo-Press

  • Which industry will use high speed press machine ?Usually Honger Machine high speed press machine used for small hardware,small metal parts pressing.Such as : terminal , stator ,rotor ,metal eyelet,metal button etc.On our life , we often use the parts that high speed press machine make it.So our high speed use the range is very widely.

  • What is the warranty time for the machine?We will give one year warranty time to the customer. If you have other requirement. We also can talk that the time 2 years.

  • What is the delivery time for our machine? 1. Usually High speed press machine are 5-35 workdays. 2. Decoiler straightener feeder 3 in 1 machine are 15-65 workdays. 3. Uncoiler straightener 2 in 1 machine are 1-25 workdays. 4. Feeder , uncoiler machine are 1-20 workdays. 5. Forming machine are 20-45 workdays. Sometime ,our machine are with stock.